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Digital Web Coder Privacy Policy

We collect users’ data that help in improving customer experience. Once you visit our site you give us the consent to use your information according to our privacy policy. Users may decline the cookies and they may be blocked to use certain features of the site. We use the data to help our users get the best experience.

Why we collect data?

Here are mentioned the reasons due to which we gather information from our users:

  • We may use your contact details to update you with the changes in our terms and conditions.
  • The information may be used to provide a better customer support and thus you can now feel confident to use our services.
  • We sometime use the details to resolve certain technical issues and thus you can use our site free from any worries.
  • We use your data to render service and you can now comprehend the true importance of our services

Overall, you get a clear view of why we are collecting data and thus you can make users feel confident to visit the site.

Types of Data We Collect

Now, here is a brief view of types of data we collect:

  • Full name
  • Email address
  • House address
  • Contact details like telephone number etc.
  • Cookies and usage data

You need to accept the cookies before you enter the site and it helps you to get access to necessary information in our site. Usage data includes your computer’s IP address, date and time of visit, which browser you are using, pages you are visit, for many hours you are visiting the pages etc. It helps us to learn what users want and accordingly we make certain changes to improve users’ experience.

We ensure that there won’t be any unauthorized access to your data and thus you would be completely safe. We make use of advanced technologies and thus it becomes easy to collect information and we use them in the right way.

How we are using your data?

The data we collect may be used in devices outside your province, country or state under other government jurisdictions. If you are residing outside the country then we may use transfer your data to the country for verification. Once you accept the cookies you provide your consent to use the cookies as we want.

You must agree that we would use your data according to our privacy policy and we ensure that we won’t transfer data to any country until they provide the required safety. So, you can now feel confident knowing that your data would be completely safe with us.

We may share the data with our affiliates like our parent company, partners and other companies who are operating under our control. Next, we can share your data with our business partners offering you certain products and services. Also, we may use your data to promote our partner’s company and it enhances the business opportunities.

Sometimes, your data may be shared for business purposes like when we are selling any asset of our company or when we are selling a part of our company. We may need to provide our users’ data that would help them to update their database.

Under certain circumstances users’ data may be viewed publicly. If you have entered our site through a third-party source that your data may be visible to the third-party site. Users in the third-party site may get access to your profile picture, name, address and thus you need to make sure that you are using a trusted site.

We never use our users’ data illegally and thus you won’t face any controversies in the future. We also take care that no unqualified person is getting access to your data and it makes you feel confident.

We provide the best data security but you must know that no site can give you 100% safety. WE follow all the safety measures to protect your data but still we can’t give you full assurance.

A Brief View of the Tracking Technologies

We use the modern technologies that automatically collects user information and store important information. Our experts have ample experience in developing new technologies and thus we can easily track any device. So, we can easily get access to your data once you enter our site. We request you to accept the cookies that help you to get access to all the features of our site.

Types of Cookies

Here you get a clear view of the types of cookies:

  • Essential or necessary cookies help to prevent any fraudulent activities and unauthorized access of users’ accounts. Without these cookies, you won’t be able to access our site freely. Once you accept these cookies, we give you the consent to use all our site’s features.
  • Tracking and performance cookies are important to track users’ information. The information these cookies collect identify you as a genuine visitor and you would get access to the site. Sometimes, we also use the information to test certain ads, pages etc. It helps us to learn how users would react to the new advertisements or features.
  • Functionality cookies help in storing the choices you make while visiting our site. These cookies remember login details, your language preferences etc. Hence, these cookies provide you better experience and you won’t have to choose your preferences again.
  • Notice Acceptance cookies notify whether a user has accepted the cookies. Hence, you can now start using our site free from any worries.

Overall, you can now get an idea of the cookies used and we use the cookies in the right way. We make sure that users won’t face any issues while using our site.

Other Things to Know

To get access to our site you must be above 18 years old. We never entertain any person under 18. So, you need to enter the age before you enter our site. Parents must be aware if their child has shared any information with us and they must inform us immediately. We would take necessary measures to avoid any further complications.